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I'm absolutely brilliant at staging and presenting unoccupied houses so they sell fast, for the top price. Click here to find out more.

My super-helpful book "How To Sell Your House For Top Price, Fast" is available to buy RIGHT NOW! If you want to sell quickly for the highest price possible, click here to find out more or Click Here to Buy Now!

I’m an independent property consultant specialising in home sale strategy, staging & presentation. 

I’m the Empty House Super-Seller – I’m totally brilliant at getting empty houses sold by furnishing, staging and marketing them to achieve fast, top price sales. Click here for more.


I can design and install showhomes for new-build developments to ensure that you appeal strongly to your target market and secure the best possible prices as quickly as possible.

I also provide landlords or home-owners with a low-stress house refurbishment project management service (please note I usually only work on empty properties).

I’m available for 1:1 consultancy, staging and styling within the East Midlands, and I have created books and training courses to help sellers further afield to get their houses sold as quickly and profitably as possible.

Scroll down for more about my empty house selling services, and head over to the store to have a look at my first book: How to Sell Your House For Top Price, Fast!

Empty house super-selling

I specialise in getting empty houses sold, whether new or old, by furnishing, staging and styling them to look lived in and loved.

Empty houses are always going to be a bit of a hard sell because they ask so much of the buyer: ‘How big is this room really? Where should my furniture go? Will it really look great with all my stuff in it, I can’t imagine it!’ Buyers walk round quite quickly because there’s nothing much for their attention to snag on, and the property is usually not at all memorable.

Staging empty houses is absolutely the best way of achieving top price for the property, and fast. I do this with all of my own refurbishment houses and I truly believe that it’s the staging that helps us smash ceiling prices wherever we go.

Take a look at some of my recent projects and see for yourself – there are before and after photos on my Facebook page, just click the photos below to go straight to the relevant album.

Staged Refurb project

Empty House Staging

Staged Refurb project

Empty House Staging

Staged Refurb project


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