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Zoopla blogArticle contributor for Zoopla

I have written articles for popular property portal Zoopla – click the links below to read the articles on the Zoopla site.

1: Home Staging – what is it and why do I need to do it to sell my home?

2: The Importance of De-Cluttering Before You Sell

3: Fifty Shades Of Clean

4: How to get your house in top shape for a sale

5: Magnolia decor is ‘total dullsville’…aiming for more than mediocrity

6: House Staging Tips – making every room have a purpose

7: Styling your home for the perfect photographs

8: How you can maximise your kerb appeal

9: How to arrange your furniture to attract buyers

10: How to sell your house at Christmas

House Hunters International – top US TV show on HGTV: 3 episodes & counting!

I appeared on my first episode of House Hunters International in August 2013, and I absolutely loved it! House Hunters is the US version of Location, Location, Location and House Hunters International is the spin-off which is filmed all over the world. When the producers called me again in 2014 to ask if I would feature in an episode based in Warwick of course I said yes, and I had a blast filming my third episode in Birmingham in 2015.

If any producers are reading this, I would happily step into Sarah Beeny’s shoes :) Call me on 0115 901 7058!

Yes, there's a story behind this shot! Watch the episode to find out what...

Yes, there’s a story behind this shot! Watch the episode to find out what…

Episode 1: “Loving Life In Loughborough” (S56Ep4)

Episode 2: “Let Slip The Dogs Of Warwick” (S78Ep9)

Episode 3: Based in Birmingham, yet to be aired

All footage © HGTV

Show reel coming soon!



Guest blog posts

Sam Home Truths

Sam Ashdown @ Home Truths

Sam is the first ever UK Home Sale Strategist, and we became friends having discovered in each other the only other person who does what we do! Honestly, we’re kinda unique! And we’re both just a little bit bossy…

I styled a house for one of Sam’s clients the other week, and the blog I wrote about the process is being published in three parts. It’s called “A Staging Story: Styling a house that already looks good”

  1. Click here to read Part 1: Preparation
  2. Click here to read Part 2: Style It Up!
  3. Click here to read Part 3: The Reveal!

Northfields blogNorthfields Estate Agents, London

The 3 guest blogs I wrote for Northfields in 2013 were the most shared posts on their entire blog! Read the top 10 here, and see little old me at places 3, 2 AND 1!!

Northfields is an award-winning estate agency with 5 offices across West London. They set themselves apart from other agents by going the extra mile, and proved it by asking me to write a blog post to help Northfields sellers prepare their homes successfully for sale.

I was only too happy to oblige!

Read my post entitled “Spend less than £50 on these 5 things that really will improve the saleability of your house” here

Northfields blog part 2Northfields: The Sequel!

My first blog for top West London agency Northfields was such a success, they asked me to write a follow-up. I happily shared some more cost-effective tips for improving the look of your house, and even gave away my top staging secret!

Read part 2 of the blog here: “5 more things under £50 that really will help you sell your property”



Northfields lighting blog snipLighting for dull days and evening viewings – third guest post for top London agency Northfields

Winter viewings can be an issue, with a lack of natural daylight. Read my latest guest post for Northfields here to find out how to maximise the light you’ve already got, and add light where it’s needed for winter viewings that aren’t all dark and gloomy.

If you’d like me to write a guest post for your blog, just drop me a line at

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