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An owner in pyjamas and cat poo in the kitchen

29 May 2013

Guilty cat is guilty, but not as guilty as the owner! Source:

I’ve spoken to a few people today who are house-hunting, and they’ve told me some remarkable stories that I just had to share with you! Sellers can learn from these – if the first impression a buyer gets of your house isn’t good then you’ve got problems, but if the LASTING impressions are poor then these buyers will talk and you’ll get a bad reputation!

Can’t get a viewing

One buyer has had particular trouble just booking viewings. He has wanted to view 3 properties from the same estate agent but two separate branch offices, and each of the 3 has taken over a week and numerous phone calls to arrange those viewings.

If you are an estate agent and you’ve got outstanding viewer requests, PLEASE respond to them immediately! These people are trying to buy the houses that your clients are trying to sell, and if successful they will enable you to GET PAID! Honestly, sort it out agents. It’s not that difficult. And if you’re a buyer experiencing the same problem, do make the seller aware of the trouble you had booking the viewing because they really need to know their agent is potentially sabotaging their sale.

Hilarious descriptions

Also, what is an 'ornamental wall light'? Is that a light that doesn't light up, it's just for show?!

Also, what is an ‘ornamental wall light’? Is that a light that doesn’t light up, it’s just for show?!

I was shown a description of a house on Rightmove that proudly stated the house boasts “an impressive storm porch.”

a) don’t try and tell people what is impressive about the house – let them decide. Plus, Property Misdecriptions Act anyone?!

b) what exactly does an ‘impressive storm porch’ look like?!! Answers on a postcard please!



PJs and faeces

An owner answered the door to a viewing in her pyjamas. Bad start, but it gets worse. There was cat poo on the kitchen floor. And not just one dollop that could legitimately have been accidentally deposited just as the doorbell rang, oh no. Two dollops. Separately. Of different ages. On the kitchen floor.

I can’t say anything else about this case. Just no.

And to finish, one of my own from my first buying experience

I met the agent to view an empty mid-terrace house. I’d decided by the time I got to the kitchen that I wasn’t interested, but thought I should see upstairs just to complete the viewing. First bedroom, meh, bathroom, ick, second bedroom: OLD WOMAN ASLEEP IN BED!!! What’s worse, she was an elderly foreign woman who spoke no English, and was understandably distraught at us walking into her bedroom! She squawked in a foreign language at us, I apologised profusely while backing out at light speed, and we left. “It is supposed to be empty!” said the agent, “we’re supposed to have the only keys!” Oh well, didn’t want that one anyway!

Have you got any hideous viewing stories? Let me know at or post on my Facebook page at

Thanks Nick and Jess for sharing your stories with me :)


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