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House Refurb: Grim to Gorgeous!

This rental property had become unfit to live in, so on behalf of the landlord I managed a full refurbishment so it could be used as a student let. A new kitchen & bathroom were fitted, all the maintenance issues were fixed, it was totally re-decorated and new flooring was installed throughout. It took just 4 weeks once the property had been cleared and I’m very proud of the result! The end finish is very simple to allow for cost-effective maintenance in the future but the clean and bright design is about as far from the original condition as you can get!

I used grey grout in this ultra-white bathroom, for two reasons. 1: it won't discolour as quickly as white grout would, and with students living there who probably won't clean as often as they might, that's a very good thing. And 2: the room just needed an extra element of a darker colour. Too much white is boring, and the grey makes it a little bit more stylish :)

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