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Is your hallway dull or delightful?

22 April 2014

Your entrance hall has a very important role when it comes to selling your house: it will form the basis of every buyer’s first impression of the interior when they come to view the house.

They will have already formed a first impression based on your photographs, and another first impression of the exterior of the house when they do a drive-by or arrive for the viewing, but the first thing they see when they walk through the front door will be the hallway.

These areas are often overlooked when it comes to design and style; during ‘real’ life the hallway is just a transitional space from outside to inside, where we store coats, shoes and umbrellas.

But while you’re living your ‘my house is for sale’ life, the hallway needs to be welcoming, attractive, and appear spacious.

It does look spacious, but certainly not welcoming or attractive

It does look spacious, but certainly not welcoming or attractive

Appropriately sized furniture, lighting, a mirror and accessories tick all 3 boxes!

Appropriately sized furniture, lighting, a mirror and accessories tick all 3 boxes!

The hallway in this house needed some serious attention to turn it from dull to delightful.

You may think that showing a hallway completely empty maximises the feeling of space. You might also think that space is the most important of the three elements I mentioned above (welcoming, attractive and spacious).


But I believe that you need to actively attempt to make a positive impression on your viewers;

Empty spaces don’t leave any lasting impressions because there’s nothing for the eye to fix upon and remember later.

It’s not always a good idea to leave buyers to imagine how they might furnish and style the area so it is not only functional but attractive as well; some people aren’t able to imagine things any other way than how you present them. It’s far better to do the job for them and SHOW them how gorgeous the space can be! Particularly since this space is the first they will see of the house.

Mirrors enhance space and light; great for hallways

Mirrors enhance space and light; great for hallways

Small spaces always benefit from mirrors, so I hung this mirror to increase the feeling of space and to reflect the light.

I couldn’t find a console table that was the right dimensions (I didn’t want anything deeper than 25cm otherwise it would make the hallway seem small, and most console tables are around 40cm deep), so I bought 2 low TV benches that were the right size and joined them together.

It’s always nice to have something living in every space – I think a plant or a vase of flowers adds the third dimension to photographs and brings rooms to life.

Not shading the bulb maximises light

Not shading the bulb maximises light

There is no electricity socket on the right side of the hallway, but for the photo shoot I cheated and used an extension lead hidden out of shot. It’s not ideal, but I always pull out all the stops for photos because they’re the reason buyers will book a viewing in the first place so you’ve got to give the photo shoot everything you’ve got! Battery-powered lights are another option for viewings.

Due to the fact that the table lamp will not be switched on for viewings, I made sure I chose an open light fitting for the ceiling pendant light to maximise the light. I made this one myself, and I just LOVE the shadows it creates on the ceiling!

Now have a look at your hallway – is it lacking in space? Do you need to store away most of those coats and shoes?

Or could your unloved hallway do with a mini-makeover to wow your buyers and create a fantastic first impression?

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