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22 February 2012

So my week started fantastically: on Monday, I won Entrepreneur of the Month, awarded by the Leicestershire chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Circle. I had been specifically aiming to win the award this month and made no secret of it, because the more people I told the more embarrassment there would have been if I’d not won it, so it sure as heck made me work harder!

The Entrepreneur’s Circle is a national group run by Nigel Botterill, a super-successful businessman who in the last 5 years, has built five separate million pound + businesses from scratch. I’ve learned so much from Nigel and Julia Canham, our lovely Leicestershire Business Growth Advisor, and I’m so motivated to see what else I can achieve. I’m laying it down right here: my next target is to win the award for a second time by the end of 2012!! Then maybe I’ll go for two months in a row…

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