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Excerpts from a Property Staging Report

Client: executor of a will, needs to sell property, lives 100 miles away

Property: 2-bedroom semi-detached bungalow

 Reading Guide:

Please note that this report has been prepared objectively with the ultimate aim of achieving the best sale for your property. Assessments are made by looking at the property as an asset which is for sale, not as a home. The recommendations made below are purely designed to maximise your property’s appeal to the target market.

 Initial Assessment of Property Presentation


  • The property is one of a number of similar style bungalows in the area and does not stand out visually in either a positive or a negative fashion from those surrounding it.
  • There are a couple of cosmetic and potentially structural issues with the master bedroom extension and roof that could be seen in a negative light by viewers.
  • Windows and doors are relatively new, are of good quality and are currently fairly clean.



  • Décor is relatively new and without major issues, though there are a few areas that would benefit from minor fixes.
  • All rooms but the master bedroom are furnished and contain decorative items such as pictures and ornaments.
  • It is clear in the presentation of the property that it has been empty for some time, and rectifying this by rearranging or removing items and cleaning the property would be of major benefit in attracting serious buyers.


Improvement Recommendations

Considered essential:

  1. Carpet the master bedroom. Currently this is a job that a buyer would have to do realistically before they could move in, and as such is putting an obstacle in the way of potential buyers. Removing this obstacle would dramatically improve the way viewers feel about the property as a purchase.

Cost: £163.83

Note: carpeting has been arranged, without underlay as agreed, and will be fitted on Thursday 22nd July 2011.

  1. Furnish the master bedroom. The rest of the house is furnished and having one room unfurnished gives an odd appearance. The master bedroom is a major feature of the property and just placing basic furniture in the room would make the room purpose clear and invite viewers to imagine themselves living in that room. I would recommend a double bed and a chest of drawers as a minimum. I can source these for you on either a rental or a ‘buy and sell back’ basis. I would also source basic soft furnishings (bed linens, cushions etc) on a rental basis to dress the room for maximum visual appeal.

Cost: estimated £120


Considered desirable:

  1. Add basic curtains to the windows and terrace doors in the master bedroom. This would greatly add to the atmosphere of this major selling point, encouraging viewers to imagine themselves using the room. I could source curtain poles and fabric to make simple but attractive window dressings at minimal cost.

Cost: tbc, estimated maximum cost £100 for all 3 openings

  1. Touch up paintwork around spotlights, corners, doors and windows where cracking or plaster loss has occurred. I estimate this would take one hour maximum and have a recommended tradesman for this job.

Cost: £25


The report will finish with a summary of recommended works and estimated investment (including my project management fees) so the client has all the information required to understand the scope of the improvements and make the decision to proceed.

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