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Find extra house marketing history on Property Bee

18 January 2013

I thought I’d share one of my really useful tools for both house hunting and helping people to price their properties correctly for sale. It’s a free downloadable toolbar for the Firefox browser called Property Bee, and it works in mysterious ways that I don’t fully understand! The basics are that the toolbar can track changes to a property listing since you first viewed it (typically changes to the price, status or description) and if you sign up to Property Bee, you can also see changes that have been found by other users so you get an even more complete view of the property’s online marketing history.

You can see the price and description changes, and the date the house first hit the market

This is what your Rightmove search results page will look like once you’ve signed up to Property Bee and installed the toolbar. You can see the date the listing was initially found (remember this is not necessarily the exact date it went on the market, but it’s a good approximation), changes to the price and the date they were made, as well as any description changes. Once you’ve clicked through into the listing for a house, you’ll see a larger box that will give you more detail (if there is any).

Now because the toolbar gets its information from users, we can’t assume that it’s complete (it doesn’t show absolutely every change made to every property) and we should always double-check data before we make decisions based on that information. It does also make Rightmove run a bit slow, but that’s understandable as the toolbar searches for the relevant change information. Having said all that, I can happily say that Property Bee is one of THE most useful tools I have come across while working in property.

Zoopla's Listing History is useful too

Zoopla’s Listing History is useful too

Update 2014: Zoopla also helps you out with regards to how long properties have been on the market – their Listing History box to the right hand side of a property page shows the date it first appeared and also tells you how many people have looked at it on the internet – that’s your competition or your buyer right there!

Please note that I am not affiliated with Property Bee in any way, I just think it’s a brilliant tool that would be of great assistance to loads of property buyers and sellers, so I’m telling you all about it!

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