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Sell in 2 weeks flat!

5 December 2012

Who says you can't sell in December?!

One of my clients has just done this – within 2 weeks of going on the market, they’ve sold for a price they’re happy with. I thought you might like to know how!

  1. They called me in – honestly this really is a great start to a house sale, because it shows that you understand an objective opinion is really important to truly understand how buyers will view your house and what impressions they will form. Plus, I really know what I’m talking about!
  2. They acted on my advice – employing a decorator for a couple of days to re-paint 2 bedrooms while they packed up loads of personal possessions and gave the house a deep clean.
  3. They engaged a good estate agent – in fact my new SuperAgent, Andrew Granger & Co. These guys know that the photographs and online listing are really important, and know how to show viewers a house in its best light. David even took the exterior photos before he’d been formally contracted, because he saw the brief opportunity of a blue sky and didn’t want to miss it. Good thinking David!
  4. They were realistic on price – pricing to seriously challenge the local competition instead of being greedy or over-optimistic meant that not only did this house steal all the viewers from the other available houses in the area, it stole the buyers from them too!
  5. They prepared for each and every viewing – Karen really took on board the need to keep on top of house presentation during the marketing period. While you’re living in the house things will inevitably move around, get dirty and generally try to go back to the way they were before, but a successful viewing depends on these things being addressed before the buyers come round, so they see exactly what the photos showed them. Karen swept unnecessary items into boxes and hid them under the bed – I’m all for hiding things!

So you see it’s not actually that complicated to sell a house quickly, and to sell for a good price. It’s all in the preparation people! December is a great time to start your preparation, ready for a launch in mid-January when the house-hunters get back to business. Lets get you moving!

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