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Shocking Shots week 8

4 April 2012

The curtains match the wallpaper. Ick.

This week’s theme: IT’S JUST TOO MUCH!! Here are some lovely examples of what I tactfully call ‘bold statements’. These are absolutely fine in your own home, in fact I positively encourage people to decorate and live in their homes exactly the way they want to, but when you’re trying to sell, it really is a good idea to tone it down a tad. This first photo is from a time when it was fashionable to match your curtains with your wallpaper. I don’t think that’s such a good idea any more…

It could be so beautiful

This photo really upsets me – it’s such an amazing room, but the proportions are all screwed up by the wallpaper below the dado rail. The busy pattern makes the room seem smaller than it is – I really like using a dado rail to separate different colours in a room, but this wallpaper is not doing the room any favours. I’d get rid of the pattern at low level – pattern and dark colours tend to bring walls in, whereas light colours give the feeling of more space – and use perhaps a light sage tone to keep the differentiation interest below the dado rail.

Great in your home, but could put buyers off...

I saved the best for last – this is probably a really trendy room in fashionable circles, and the owners have been very bold with their choices. There’s bright red carpet, patterned red wallpaper, and red tartan curtains! It’s a great look, but when you’re trying to sell it could well be off-putting to buyers who either have more modest tastes, or who can’t see past the decor to imagine how they could change it.

The golden rule is to get rid of anything that your average person could take offence to. You don’t have to be completely boring (please don’t default to magnolia, there are so many gorgeous modern neutral colours out there!) but if the first thing the eye is drawn to is an element of decor, furnishing or personal possessions, then you need to make some changes. Don’t get me wrong – you might be lucky enough to find a buyer who has exactly the same taste as you! But you’re more likely to find a buyer who doesn’t, so cater for that majority and you’ll have the best chance of selling quickly and for a good price.

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Marine Pina Urrútia

21 April 2012

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

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