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This is a perfectly good living room, but presented empty it just doesn’t feel welcoming or inspiring or memorable. The house had been on the market for months with no offers. Scroll down to see the difference staging makes…

If you’re trying to sell a house that is currently empty of furniture and possessions, you’re asking an awful lot of potential buyers to be able to imagine how they might live in the space.

Buying a property is most often an aspirational purchase; people want to be excited about a house, be inspired, to be seduced almost, and it’s very unlikely that will happen with an empty house.

There’s nothing to really grab a buyer’s attention or for them to remember.

Even if you’ve got a fabulous blank canvas, not many people will be able to see past the uninspiring empty spaces and those that can will likely want some money off the price for the effort.

Furniture defines the space and shows just how large the space really is. This photo is far more appealing on Rightmove than the empty version, and appealing photos get buyers to book viewings. We sold this within 2 weeks of re-launch onto the market.

I am an Empty House Super Seller – I’m totally brilliant at getting empty houses sold for top price, fast. I recommend furnishing empty houses, then adding pictures and accessories to really create the feeling of an inviting home. Everything added should stay in the house throughout the marketing period.


This can be done relatively cheaply using second-hand ‘up-cycled’ furniture as shown in the pictures on this page, or furniture can be hired for the marketing period. I’m happy to work with my individual clients to agree a budget and make that budget really work to get an amazing effect.

I always find out who the target market would be for the property; who is most likely to want it, and then I style the property to appeal to exactly those people.


If you’d like to see how good I am at doing this, please click on the photos below to see empty house staging and refurb staging projects (links open in Facebook)

Empty House Staging

Empty House Staging

Staged Refurb project

Staged Refurb Project

Staged Refurb Project




The Numbers

Obviously every house is different and so quotes will always be generated individually on request, but here’s a guide.

  • Anna to design, source items & stage the house £800 – £2,000
  • Anna to style the property & direct the photo shoot £125 – £250
  • Furniture from just £500 – that’s surprised you hasn’t it?!
  • Accessories, pictures & textiles from £300
  • Professional photography from £125
  • Furniture & accessories can be hired from me starting at £350/month for a 2-bed house


This means you can fully furnish, style and photograph a house from just £1,850 and I bet that’s much lower than you thought it would be!


Your house should be taken off the market as soon as you’ve decided you’re going to furnish it so the re-launch has maximum impact.

Most of my clients ask me to source good quality second-hand furniture (I’m VERY good at charity shop shopping!) and this keeps the furniture budget closer to the lower level. Plus you’ve got the option to sell the furniture on once the house is sold and get back some of your initial investment.

I am usually able to hire out accessories, pictures and textiles so again this keeps your costs as low as possible and ensures you have less to do once the house is sold. If you’ve got spare items in your own home that we could use then this again will keep costs down!

Most houses can be fully staged and photographed within 4 weeks, depending on my schedule. I can then market the property for you and conduct viewings, meaning there’s nothing for you to do.

If you’ve got an empty house you’re trying to sell, give me a call on 0115 901 7058 now to arrange for me to visit.

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