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How To Sell Your House For Top Price, Fast

I'll show you how :)

‘Anna In A Book’ will show you how :)

Planning to sell your house? Identify with one of the following statements?

  • You’ve got a new baby on the way and no room for a nursery
  • You’re relocating for a new job or to get into a certain school
  • You’ve got a really high mortgage level compared to the house value
  • You want the absolute maximum price for your house
  • You want to be in control of your future


Many of you have probably heard stories from family, friends or colleagues about their own bad house selling experiences, and you might be worrying that you’ll have a similar stressful time.

  • What if the new baby has to share with your toddler?
  • What if you end up with a hideous rush-hour journey to work, or your child can’t go to their chosen school?
  • What if you end up facing negative equity and can’t move at all?
  • What if the estate agent you choose doesn’t do their job properly?
  • What if you can’t move to the dream house you really really want?


Linda says she was terrified of her house sale, and having read my book she now feels that she can do this. Hoorah!

Linda says she was terrified of her house sale, and having read my book she now feels that she can do this. Hoorah!

These are all very real fears but don’t worry, there is a way to tip the odds very firmly in your favour and make it far more likely that you’ll be moving into your dream house in no time, with as much money in your pocket as possible!

Once you’ve decided to sell your house, most of you will just want the whole process over and done with as quickly as possible so you can settle in to your new home and enjoy the kind of lifestyle you really want to be living.

What you really don’t want is for your house to hang around on the market for ages with no hint of a sale. Time drags on and on, you end up in limbo, and you can’t look seriously for your new home because you daren’t get your heart broken again.

Fear not – this needn’t happen to you.

Houses that are prepared and presented carefully to appeal precisely to their target market will sell faster and for more money than those that require the buyer to use more imagination or put more work and money in to get the lifestyle they want.

Zoopla asked me to write for them too, so really, I know what I'm talking about!

Zoopla asked me to write for them too, so really, I know what I’m talking about!

And this is where I come in – this book will guide you through everything you need to know in order to make sure your house grabs buyers’ attention, seduces them and makes them want to hand over full asking price immediately.

Getting the house properly ready for its viewing public means that you will:

  • Make the best of the critical first 2 weeks on the market
  • Get to ‘offer accepted’ stage more quickly
  • Have a higher chance of getting full asking price offers
  • Have fewer issues on the route through to exchange and completion


In turn, this means you will have:

  • Less stress – fewer unexpected surprises and less strain on relationships
  • Less time wasted – you’ll be living it up in your new house sooner
  • More money in your pocket for the new house, for holidays or for treats!


But Anna, won’t all this be an awful lot of work, cost a lot and need skills that I just don’t have?

Well, possibly; depending on what condition the house is in right now, getting it into top notch condition may take some effort and an amount of money putting in. But you’ll be the judge of what needs doing; I’m just guiding you through the process of consciously making those decisions.

This book isn't for everyone...

This book isn’t for everyone…

I will say now that my methods may not be for you. If you don’t like the idea of a bit of work or you can’t possibly change anything in your house while you’re living in it, then you’re probably better off letting an estate agent try to get a sale for you.

Most estate agents won’t dare tell you even if they think something needs doing to the house to get a better sale – they’re scared of offending you and losing your business to another agent so they’ll usually just tell you what you want to hear. It’s not their fault, they’re just trying to keep you happy!

You might be able to get the price you want quite quickly, but then again you might have to wait years so do be aware that won’t be in a good position to look for your new house until you’ve got a sale properly agreed.

Come on then, let's get started! Press Buy Now below :)

Come on then, let’s get started! Press Buy Now below :)

However, if you’d much rather be in control of your future and you’re not scared of a little hard work, we’re going to be very good friends! I’m not saying you will definitely have to make some big changes, but you’ll be able to make educated decisions from the full range of options to suit your own personal goals. Adult decisions!

My book will guide you through all of the preparation and presentation advice I’ve generated over the last 3 years as a professional home stager, stylist and sale strategist. The major chapters are split into room sections so you can focus on one space at a time with no need to get overwhelmed by taking everything on at once. You can pick and choose what you need to do, and when you make those choices you’ll be fully aware of the balance between the actions you choose to take, your time on the market and price achieved.

Want to be in your new dream home already? Buy this book to get there faster!
Want to be in your new dream home already? Buy this book to get there faster!

So let’s get started!

Buy the book by pressing “Buy Now” below for just £9.99

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What’s more, because I understand that there’s quite a gap between reading about what you should be doing and actually putting it into place, I’ve created a condensed version of my book called “The Lists!”. You’ll be able to print this off and have all the important factors right there as you assess your house, decide what needs doing, and ultimately put your newfound knowledge into practice. It’s Anna In A Book!

So click ‘Buy Now’ below to get “The Lists!” for just £3.99

PDF Checklists book for £3.99

Don’t let your neighbours be the only ones who learn all my selling secrets because they’re bound to sell before you do…and I want to be on your team!

PS: Buy the book now and you’ll have time to get your house ready for the market before Easter to hit the BEST time of the year to be selling. Lots of people want to move during the summer holidays so they start looking at Easter and you’ll want your house to be the one they fight over.

Believe me, between us we’re going to make an amazing team and you’ll be putting up your ‘New Home’ cards in no time!

Happy selling :)

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