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Here’s what my previous clients have to say about me

Staging & Styling for Property Sales/Lettings:

Styled Living RoomCelia & Graham’s house had been on and off the market for nearly three years with no joy.

“Endless viewings but no second viewing and absolutely no offers, not even crazy ones – it was driving us mad and we just couldn’t see what we were doing wrong! We consulted Anna who not only transformed the way our home looked but also helped us to see things so much more clearly and to really help us discover just what was really holding us back from making the sale. We took our house off the market for a month, made the essential changes Anna pointed out, had the house ”professionally dressed’ and then had exceptional new photos taken. Anna also taught us how to conduct a successful viewing – this is vital! Back on the market and within a week the very first couple to walk through the door wanted to buy it, and for within 2% of the asking price! It was amazing, we just couldn’t believe it!

Anna works with you to establish the real emotion and reasons for wanting to move house and gently guides you through a process to ensure you find that elusive buyer. Transforming your ‘home’ back into a ‘house’ is imperative and Anna takes you through the key stages and bingo! her methods truly work. We cannot praise her highly enough and wholeheartedly recommend her. If you really want to sell your house, then Anna will really help make that happen.  Very happy to be talk to anyone who still needs convincing that this lady is a true professional and absolutely knows her stuff!”

Result: Offer received within 1 week for just 2% off asking price

Celia & Graham Pontin, Caythorpe, Lincolnshire

One of the lifestyle shots I created for Julia

One of the lifestyle shots I created for Julia

“Anna came to stage our house recently on a photo shoot. Her ideas for staging rooms and all the lifestyle touches were amazing. I wasn’t convinced she would be able to do much in our house as I prided myself on being a fully paid up member of any House Doctoring programmes! However Anna’s capability is on a completely different level with all sorts of colours and ideas. She worked so hard during the day but remained bubbly and upbeat throughout which helps when your house is being taken over and you are trying to work as well. Very professional and I would certainly recommend her services.

Julia Menaul, Bolton

Bungalow living roomWorking for a landlord, I furnished & styled an empty bungalow that remained unsold after a few months:

“You’ve done a great a job and changed the feel of the place completely. My mother-in-law said she’d live there.”

Result: Sold!

Brett Plant, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Book reviews & workshops:

Linda says she was terrified of her house sale, and having read my book she now feels that she can do this. Hoorah!

Linda says she was terrified of her house sale, and having read my book she now feels that she can do this. Hoorah!

Linda bought my book before putting her house on the market:

“Your book ‘How To Sell Your House For Top Price, Fast’ is superb, definitely a great help in so many different ways. You definitely see and think of things us mere mortals miss.

I do feel your checklists are a super idea and will be very practical and immensely helpful later on.

Before receiving your book – I was simply terrified of our house sale. Now I feel I have guidance and teaching by my side, with you. I feel now that I can do this!!”

Linda Farrer, Abernethy, Scotland

Property Investing for the Terrified

Celia attended my “Property Investing for the Terrified” workshop:

“Anna’s property seminar was a really useful introduction to the subject for a novice investor like me. She laid out the options very clearly and emphasised that you have to know why you are investing in property and what you hope to gain. Anna’s practical advice helped cut through the hype, explained the pros and cons of different types of property investment and when to use expert help. With Anna’s help I am well on the way to becoming a landlady without losing too much sleep!”

Celia Clayton, Nottingham

Property sales/lettings:

Ross Davies testimonial“Anna has been a huge help in getting our flat sold. She was so helpful and friendly and the advice given was amazing, she’s clearly an expert at what she does and I can’t recommend her enough. For anyone on the fence, the best way to think about it is:

‘Would I rather pay a small fee upfront to use Anna and sell at asking price or accept an offer 10% below asking price?’

Pretty obvious choice when you think about it this way!”          Result: SOLD and new house bought before the wedding :)

Ross Davies, Nottingham

Who says you can’t sell in December?!

Click to watch Karen’s video testimonial; it tells you all you need to know which is: staging really works! Two bedrooms were redecorated, some furniture moved around to help with the presentation of space, and Karen did loads of packing to remove a large amount of personal items. Fantastic success, well done us!           Result: SOLD within 2 weeks!

Karen Chambers, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Furniture transformed this flat

“Anna provided clear and precise Asking Price & Staging Reports, which were honest and encouraging, and made me realise that you have to spend money at times to stop the rot (e.g. it is better to cut a foot off than wait and lose a leg!!). If I hadn’t employed Anna to project manage and stage the work, it would have cost me about 3 times the amount she actually spent. I am very delighted with the service, and the flat looks fabulous!” Result: LET IMMEDIATELY! Click here to see the full gallery for this project

John Noel, Blackwater, Surrey

Bedroom transformed from dated 90s to modern calm

“The Staging report prioritised clearly the key areas to address and meant that I could prioritise and decide how much to do. I would say that Anna is very good at keeping you updated and project managing the work to time. One thing that to consider carefully is whether improvements will help the property to sell quicker or increase the price. Both are worth paying for, but knowing which may help you decide what to do, and Anna was able to advise in this area.” Result: SOLD!

Mark Foxwell, Hathern, Leicestershire

Sold within 2 weeks!

Anna’s been a huge help getting our house sold. After following her plan for getting the house ready to sell, our part in the process was to sit back while she did just about everything. Her approach to finding a buyer for our house was highly effective: an offer was received within two weeks of it going on the market. Best of all, she was really positive and encouraging, and certainly made things easy for us. Definitely a good value stress-reducing service.” Result: SOLD within 2 weeks!

Irene & Andy Walkland, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Building site to master bedroom

“My late sister’s house had been on the market with no interest for 9 months when a friend recommended that I speak to Anna. She took time to understand the situation and my responsibilities as executor of the will, and put together a package of services designed to maximise the chance of selling the house as quickly as possible for a reasonable price. Anna provided a number of low cost recommendations to significantly improve the appearance of the house and arranged for all of this to be carried out with no hassle whatsoever. The house looks great – the new master bedroom actually looks like a bedroom instead of a building site, and the garden looks much more attractive with the planted containers and re-painted fence. Anna advised that we change agents immediately and negotiated a fee for me with a local estate agent, researched the market to check the agent’s valuation and took responsibility for all viewings. It was great to know that someone was taking care of all matters relating to the sale of the house so that I didn’t have to worry. The house is sold now, and the best part: we didn’t have to do anything!Result: SOLD!

Andrew McLaughlin, Manchester

Lounge without the scary carpet and fireplace

“The Property Staging Report that Anna provided for my late mother’s bungalow provided me with a no-nonsense appraisal of the property and a straightforward approach to improvement requirements. Anna’s excellent eye about what to do to improve and make properties more marketable was superb, and her ideas inspired me to get stuck in for which I am very grateful. The house is now receiving far more interest than in the year it’s been on the market so far.” Result: SOLD!

Bob Wilson, Derby

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Home finding:

“Anna was a great help to me when I was relocating to start a new life in Cheshire. She went through a really useful requirements gathering process to help me visualise what I wanted my new life to look like once I had moved, which really helped me to think about what sort of property I wanted and what areas to look in. Once we had established the parameters Anna set up a whole day of viewings and showed me some excellent properties that were very well suited – she really understood what I was looking for.

It was great to have Anna to take away the stress of finding the properties and arranging viewings, and also to have her there when I visited the properties. She had a good objective perspective and was able to ask all the questions so that I could focus on looking around. Ultimately it took me a while longer to be in a position to buy but when I was ready I knew exactly what I wanted and found the perfect place almost immediately based on this experience.”

Helen Gray, Macclesfield, Cheshire

“I would like to say thank you for how amazing you have been as a consultant in our search for the perfect home. Our meetings really helped us to establish what we were looking for and to work out what was important to us to make it our home not just a property to live in. You have a great insight into what makes different properties work for individuals and sometime more importantly what doesn’t. I feel you have a fantastic eye for making space work, proved by what you had done with one of your own properties we viewed and we have thoroughly enjoyed the process you have so expertly guided us through. The weekly emails with your short list of researched available properties were invaluable and I will most certainly use you again.”

Josephine Ellul, Quorn, Leicestershire

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