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What are the chances?!

19 June 2013

I’ve currently got 2 rental properties changing over, so quite a bit of my time at the moment is taken up with the delights of viewings, application forms, credit checks and diary management. Oh the joys! I could pass it all over to a lettings agent, but I’m a control freak, and I like it all done my way…but that’s a whole different topic!

Last week, I had two viewings booked in at one of the properties, half an hour apart. I live about half an hour away from my houses, so I try to bunch viewings together where possible to save on travel time, but I always arrive at least 10 minutes early to turn all the lights on and make sure nothing is out of place (see, control freak!). Viewings normally take 15 minutes, so spacing them half an hour apart usually works really well.

Not last Saturday.

I had a phone call just after lunch from the first of the viewers asking if they could move their viewing from 2:30pm to 3pm as they were running late. Ok I said, but there is another viewing at that time. Not ideal, but what could I do at that late stage? I arrived 15 minutes early, and as I was parking I noticed another car pull up nearby. The sixth sense kicks in, and I know for sure it’s my ‘late’ viewers turning up in fact 15 minutes early for their re-scheduled appointment.

“Will they do the right thing and wait in the car until 3pm?” I thought, “or will they march right on in?”

Yep, you guessed it, they marched right on in. No time for me to even unlock the slightly pernickety front door before they’re on my tail, merrily introducing themselves. I’ve not had time to switch the lights on, or do my checks, and I’m annoyed! Being 15 minutes early is as bad as being 15 minutes late! People shouldn’t assume that just because it suits them to get things done earlier, that this will be just as acceptable to the other party. You woudn’t turn up 15 minutes late and assume that’s ok, so why should it be ok to be early?!

But that’s really not the point. I got over it and we had a pretty good viewing. However the consequence of this early start meant that we were almost finished with the viewing when the next person turned up, at her allotted time of 3pm. I had to answer the door, apologise for not being finished, and ask her to show herself round downstairs and I’d join her as soon as I could. She didn’t say a word, just nodded and moved into the dining room. Eeek, I thought, she’s not happy, but what can I do?! I was finishing up the application process questions with the first couple when the second lady walked between us to go upstairs. Oh dear. I showed the first lot out, and went upstairs with all sorts of apologies on my tongue.

“I’m so sorry about that, they turned up at the wrong time, I do apologise,” I started, but stopped when she looked me in the eye and said with total seriousness, “That was SO awkward.” She’s shaking her head, looking really distressed, and I’m wondering how to make this ok when she continues with “That was my ex-fiance.”

OMG! Really?! You’re kidding!!! No wonder she looked so uncomfortable, what a hideous situation! And what are the chances?!!! It was over 10 years ago, and they turn up on the same day at the same time to view the same house?!!

I apologised profusely and she was fine about it all, but it’s safe to say I don’t think either of them will be applying for my poor house. It’s now the scene of a particularly unpleasant meeting so it’s got no hope of being a good home for either of them!

The moral of the story here is don’t book viewings at the same time. The chances of such a hideous thing happening and putting both viewers off your house are ridiculously low, but IT HAPPENED TO ME! Oh, and don’t be early, or late! Give the person you’re meeting the right level of respect and arrive at the agreed time.

I thank you. Rant over.

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