Please don’t make any of these horrible mistakes!


Assuming your house is perfect already and nothing needs to be done to prepare it for sale because everyone will love it just as it is.

Your house might be perfect, for you – but everyone is different, and you don’t know that your style, taste and ways of doing things will be liked by the average buyer.

Accept that you might not know everything when it comes to house selling, and be prepared to ask for and act on advice from an expert.

Greed2: GREED

Over-pricing your house and expecting to get the same high values you might have obtained back in the boom times of 2007/2008.

Please don’t over-price – it’s the number one way to turn buyers off your house. They’re not stupid you know – buyers are looking at comparable houses all the time when they’re actively searching for a house to buy, so they know just what is out there and what it is priced at. If your house is obviously over-priced, they won’t look twice.

Remember that your house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, so forget about what it might have been worth back in 2008 and be realistic. What is it worth now.

Sloth3: SLOTH

Sheer laziness is putting a house up for sale that hasn’t been prepared at all. It hasn’t been deep cleaned, there are maintenance issues that haven’t been fixed, there is stuff everywhere, and no thought has been given to the impressions that might be formed by someone looking to buy it.

Selling a house is a competition that in some cases can turn into a war, and you wouldn’t go to war without at least a bit of preparation now would you?! If you want to win, you’ve got to be better than everyone else, and that takes thought, time, effort and elbow grease. But it’s so worth it when you win!

Gluttony4: GLUTTONY

Attempting to sell a house that’s still filled with all of your possessions.

We all collect stuff as we go through life, and I’m sure most of us would admit to hanging onto too much stuff. But I challenge you: do you really need ALL of that stuff on display, or easily accessible, or even at all?! Could you get rid of half of it, whether that’s for good (bin it, recycle it, sell it or give it away) or for a while (packing seaonal clothes and items into the loft or a storage unit)?

Remember you’re trying to sell space, and in order to do that, you have to show buyers the space that’s available. Don’t assume that they can imagine it – most buyers can’t imagine a room any other way than the way you show it to them, so help them out. Clear it out.

Envy5: ENVY

Wasting time quietly (or loudly!) hating those who have already sold; making up reasons why their house has sold and excuses for why yours hasn’t; not taking responsibility for your house sale and proactively driving it towards a successful completion.

So the people up the road sold did they? Well their estate agent must be better than yours. Or they’ve accepted a stupidly low offer. WRONG! There will be a reason that they sold, but it’s nothing to do with you. Generate your own reasons for people to want your house. You can’t do a thing about other people’s houses, but you can do an awful lot to your own so look at what you’re up against and get on with giving those other sellers some real competition!

Lust6: LUST

Obsessing over the new house you want to buy and not paying any attention to the need to sell the old one first.

It’s important to have a dream, to imagine what it’s going to be like when you’ve moved into your lovely new house with the extra bedroom or the big garden or the 10-minute commute, but make sure you don’t obsess over it. You’ve got to sell your current house first, so focus most of your efforts on that. Have your little daydream moments and keep an eye on the market, but don’t get things out of order. Sell, then buy.

Wrath7: WRATH

Blaming the poor property market, the estate agent, the economy, a lack of buyers,  basically blaming anyone but yourself for the failure to sell.

There are fewer buyers out there at the moment, but instead of moaning about it, make it an easy decision for buyers to choose your house instead of someone else’s. If your estate agent isn’t doing everything you think they should be to get your house sold, then either keep asking until they do it, or change agents. You’re the one who really wants the house sold, so it’s up to you to make sure that happens.

If you think you might be in danger of sinning, give me a call. I promise not to judge you, only to set you on the path to righteousness. And I’ll get you SOLD! Have a look at my new fabulous KickStart service – it’s guaranteed to get your house sold within 8 weeks or you get your money back. Nothing to lose!