About Anna

I love houses. I love the idea of ‘home’, and I’m fascinated by the different ways that we live in our very individual homes.

I’m also extremely results-oriented, so rather than being an interior designer helping people to express their own style, I refer to myself as a Sales Designer: an expert in preparing houses for sale, so they sell quickly and for the best price.


My properties usually only spend 2 weeks on the market and regularly generate multiple offers above the guide price.

I have been in business since 2011 and since then I have:

  • facilitated the successful sale of over 40 properties (a quarter of which were initially empty and most of which had languished unsold on the market for months before I came along)
  • fully refurbished 7 houses (for profit, rental and owner occupation)
  • created 5 showhomes (leading to the sale of over 250 new houses)
  • re-designed a hotel bar & lounge
  • created a successful holiday let

I have also been a landlord for over a decade.

I am currently splitting my time between staging and selling empty houses for my clients, creating high-performing, individual new-build showhomes and refurbishing my own houses for resale at a profit.


I have featured in 4 episodes of the top US TV show “House Hunters International”, shown on HGTV.

I have also assisted Alex Polizzi in an episode of “The Hotel Inspector”.

During 2014 I was a regular contributor to the Zoopla blog.

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Contact Anna to get sold soon

Telephone: 0115 901 7058

Email: anna@annahartconsultancy.co.uk