What is Home Staging and how can it help you sell?

Home Staging can be defined as:

 “The strategic art of preparing and presenting a property to maximise its appeal to the target market in order to achieve the highest sale or rental value within the minimum timescale.”

Staging is particularly important for empty properties, as these can often seem dull, forgettable, unwelcoming and uninspiring. Some empty houses can even appear smaller than they actually are.

Home staging can include:

  • Furnishing
  • Styling
  • Home improvement or maintenance works
  • Cleaning (there should always be cleaning!)

Professional Staging ensures that

  • Your budget is spent efficiently and objectively
  • Your photos generate maximum online interest and viewing bookings
  • The property is presented to appeal directly to your target market
  • Negative factors are minimised
  • Positive features are accentuated
  • An aspirational lifestyle is shown to the buyers – this makes them FEEL something
  • Your property has the highest chance of selling for top price within the shortest possible timescale

Staging leads to higher levels of interest which generates faster sales and maximum prices.

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