The expert way to sell an empty house

You may be trying to sell an empty house for any number of reasons:

  • You’ve already moved out
  • You’re an executor for a probate property
  • You’re selling an ex-rental
  • You’ve refurbished a house and it hasn’t sold yet

Furnishing and staging an empty house is by far the best way to sell for top price, fast.

Empty properties are dull and forgettable, so if you want to sell well, staging is definitely the way to go.

The property will be staged so it is irrestistible to your target market, meaning that you have the potential to receive multiple offers within weeks.

How does it work?
  1. House Visit – so I can meet you, understand your goals and view the property
  2. Proposal – I’ll let you know what I recommend and what the costs will be
  3. Acceptance – engage my services and all you have to do is give me the keys. I’ll sort the rest.
  4. Staging – I’ll carry out the agreed staging plan to prepare the property. This may involve hiring items from my own stock, or using a furniture rental company
  5. Photographs – I will direct a photo shoot with my professional photographer
  6. Pricing – I’ll carry out extensive research to define your optimum asking price
  7. Listing – I’ll write the description, create a floorplan and get your property on the market with a chosen estate agent
  8. Viewings – I’ll manage all of these, evenings and weekends included
  9. Offer management – I’ll advise you once we get to the offer stage
  10. Sale progression – I’ll be an extra resource for both you and your buyers to make sure the sale gets to completion
What will it cost?
  1. House Visit: £85 – £125
  2. My staging fees: £950 – £2000
  3. Furniture: from £750 for 3 months’ hire
  4. Accessories: from £500 for 3 months’ hire
  5. Professional photography: £125 – £200 for most 2-4 bedroom properties
  6. Listing & sale management: from £650
  7. Estate agency fees: dependent on your chosen agent, but online fees can start at just £160

This means you could furnish and sell an empty property for less than £3,250.

When you consider that most traditional estate agents will charge 1-1.5% just for selling your house empty, I think you’ll find that the small increase in investment is more than covered by the higher sale price you could achieve. Plus, think of how much time you’ll be saving too!

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