Strategically-designed showhomes to appeal directly to your target market

Showhomes that stand out

I create psychologically-designed showhomes that will generate maximum interest among your target market. 

I don’t follow ‘the rules’ – I like to challenge the norm and produce interesting, different and memorable showhomes that stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking to be average, then I’m probably not the designer for you!

Aspirational lifestyles on show

 When you first meet me, I’ll be asking A LOT of questions. You’ll need to elaborate on who your target market is so I can get inside their head and design a showhome that says “I’m for you!” and gets them excited.

And ‘aspirational’ doesn’t have to mean super-expensive – it just means something that your buyers want. I can design showhomes to fit most budgets.


What's the process?

The sooner you engage my services, the better. The earlier I can provide input from the point of view of how the spaces will actually be lived in, the better your product will be, the faster you’ll sell the site, and the higher your profits will be.

I am experienced in offering consultancy in the following areas from an end-user point of view with added technical knowledge:

  • electrical/plumbing layouts
  • room positioning
  • kitchen & bathroom design
  • full specification choices (flooring, hardware, tiles etc)
  • paint colours/wallpaper choices

If you’d like me to provide a proposal, just invite me over!

The process may look a little like this depending on what stage of the build you are at:

  1. Site/office visit
  2. Proposal
  3. Project acceptance, deposit payment and advance paid to cover purchases
  4. Specifications made for flooring, kitchen, bathroom, tiles, paint, wallpaper etc etc
  5. Showhome build completed
  6. Installation begins (usually 3-4 weeks needed)
  7. Professional photo shoot
  8. Showhome Open Day
  9. Final accounts submitted, any remaining advance returned, final fees payable
What will it cost?

My fees are from £4,500 (no VAT) for the design and implementation of one showhome with up to 4 bedrooms.

How much you spend on the items to be purchased for the showhome is up to you, but I can create a fantastic, contemporary 4-bedroom showhome for around £15,000 inc VAT.

I can also work with smaller and larger budgets – I will always advise on the most appropriate budget to suit your target market and to achieve your desired sales prices.

I never spend more than I need to, and I have become somewhat adept at sourcing great-looking items for far less than you would think I had paid. All items and labour costs are charged to the client at cost, so any savings are passed directly on to you.

Please note that short timescales will incur higher fees and require larger budgets.

Contact Anna to get sold soon

Telephone: 0115 901 7058