Every now and then I come across some fabulous property listings; photos that make me want to live right there in that room, immediately! I came across this house while randomly scouring Rightmove for my #ShockingShots event, and it made me stop in my tracks because it was exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. I wanted to publicly congratulate the owners of this house, for presenting it almost perfectly in my opinion. I’ve spoken to the agent and he tells me that the house was a photographer’s dream!

The house is for sale at the moment on Rightmove, but this link to the listing will only work if you read this while it’s still available.

Here are the photos, courtesy of Robert Aston & Co Ltd, Moseley. Isn’t it just beautiful?! I would honestly not change a thing inside the house. The owners have presented each room perfectly, with just the right amount and choice of furniture to identify the rooms properly and hint heavily at the sort of stylish lifestyle you could have here, but not overwhelming the viewer or obscuring what’s really important – the rooms themselves. Here’s a link to my blog post all about that lovely lounge… I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners got offers to buy not only the house, but the furniture and accessories as well! And the decor is such that if it’s not to a buyer’s particular taste, it would be very easy to change. A house shown at its absolute best.

I absolutely love the photography for this house; the only thing I could possibly improve on would be the front exterior shot (above). As it’s used as the main listing photo it’s the one that people have to be drawn in by to click through into the rest of the listing, so it really needs to be a good one. Some planted containers either side of the gate could help give some colour to the photo. And sometimes it is warranted to use an interior shot as the first listing photo – if I was the agent I’d give it a try and compare the click-through rate on Rightmove with that of the exterior shot, see which gets the most interest! Oh and put room sizes and a floorplan on the listing!

A fabulous and much deserving first winner of my Best Presented Property award, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you’ve spotted a beautifully-presented house, send a link to anna@annahartconsultancy.co.uk with the subject line “Best Presented” and I’ll consider it for the next award!

I’ve written an entire blog post on the perfection of this lounge!

It’s so pretty…

Nice selling feature

Great retro style

All clean and shiny

Nothing detracts from the size of the room

Stylish. Relaxing. No-one could dislike this!

Clean lines with a splash of colour, gorgeous!

Unfussy, clean style emulating the kitchen

Outdoor space showing how it could be used

Alternative angle, nice

Another great selling point!