It might seem as though I’ve been a bit quiet since Christmas, but really I’ve been busy doing all sorts and one of the most exciting things is that I am now a regular contributor to the official blog of top property portal Zoopla!

I’m writing a monthly blog with the aim of helping sellers get better prices for their houses, faster. The posts will be published on the second Tuesday of each month.

The importance of staging your home for sale

The importance of staging your home for sale


So far I’ve introduced the idea of staging your house for sale and why it can make such a positive difference, and I’ve explained the critical importance of de-cluttering. Topics to be covered over the next few months include:

  • How to address maintenance issues
  • Why you should avoid ‘Marmite’ decor
  • What is this room for?
  • Styling for property photography


And next month’s article will be entitled “50 Shades of Clean” – yes really! Watch out for it on Tuesday 11th March :)