I went to London this weekend. The main purpose was to attend the Business2012 event at the O2 Arena, primarily to hear Richard Branson and Nigel Botterill speak as they’ve been big inspirations for me in business. A few days ago, I decided that if I was going all that way I may as well make the most of it, so I added a trip to the Royal Institute of British Architects exhibition “A Place Called Home” and to the V&A Museum to see their architecture section.

Going to these 3 places was inspiring for me, in a business sense and in a ‘this-is-what-I-do’ sense. But it wasn’t really the exhibitions or the public speakers that made the biggest impact on me this weekend, it was London itself. Now I’ve never really been a big advocate of the Big Smoke. I grew up in the absolute middle of nowhere, so even moving to Nottingham still freaks me out just a little. But visiting this weekend made me realise how much I really love London – for the huge variation in absolutely everything, but in particular the architecture.

Emerging out of London Bridge Tube Station and heading down towards Bermondsey the skyline is dominated by The Shard, whose shape is almost fully formed and which stands out so dramatically against the 3-storey Georgian terraces below. I love the mixture of old and new, how a relatively ‘normal’ street actually has so much to interest you if you back away from the crowds and look up or to the side. I could happily spend a week just wandering around London, exploring and taking photographs, finding out about the history of each small area. One day I will! I came back with a renewed energy for everything I’m doing, a real feeling of possibility and passion.


But my point here isn’t really to implore you to be inspired by architecture, as I am. My point is this: what’s your inspiration? If you’re trying to sell your house so that you can move on to a bigger or better house, then what is it that you can hold onto as your inspiration. What is it that will get you through one of the most stressful experiences we humans put ourselves through?! And what is it that’ll make you succeed, even when the going gets tough? Sometimes we all get a bit lost in everyday dramas or monotony, but take a moment to step back and remember why you’re doing it all. Don’t get stuck in a house you no longer want to be in, because you’ve not got your eye on the prize. That prize (your lovely new house that’s bigger/better/has a fab kitchen/garage/garden etc) is really worth some hard thinking and hard work, so don’t lose sight of it. Remind yourselves why you’re moving, applaud the positives, keep your energy up and you’ll get there much sooner!