I got asked the other day to comment on a lovely associate’s blog question. Jo Westwood wondered “Can you really sell a house on Twitter? I’m not one to pooh-pooh left field ideas and I understand the sheer power of social media, but I wonder, can you sell something in a place people aren’t looking? Would you look for a house via social media? Would you trust someone who advertised one on Twitter?”

It’s a very interesting question, and we’re living in a time where the influence of social media is growing almost exponentially. Here’s what I think:

In my opinion, the housing market is still a rather traditional beast, but as the world increases its use of social media to do all sorts of things, it seems to me to be inevitable that social media will have a growing part to play in selling houses. I’m not sure that people are ready to use Twitter and Facebook as their first port of call to find a house; that role will still fall to the major property portals like Rightmove for a good while yet. But what you could get is people using social media for other reasons who weren’t specifically looking for a new house, but they stumble across your ad. Something catches their eye, they take a look, and perhaps you’re selling exactly what they’d like! They wouldn’t have found you on Rightmove because they weren’t looking for a house, but you putting it in front of them on Facebook made them change their plans and they’ve become an unintentional buyer. Trust me, in today’s market, sellers should be looking for those as much as the normal kind of buyer!

Selling houses is all about maximising probabilities – that people will like (and more importantly not dislike) what you’re selling; that you’re asking the right sort of price; and that people will be able to find your advert. Social media can’t replace traditional or online estate agency, but it could well provide you with an unexpected buyer. Use every marketing method available to you is my advice! The wider the audience, the greater the chance that your buyer could be among them. Go forth and tweet!!