I’ve just finished my absolute favourite job so far, so I wanted to share the before and after shots with you. Basically I want an excuse to look at them some more, I’m so proud of this one!! It’s a flat that had been on the market with very little interest and no offers for about 5 months, so the agent referred the owner to me for help. I’m happy that we’ve made a major transformation here! Oh – and if you like it too, and you’re in the market for a fabulous 2-bedroom apartment in the centre of Loughborough, give me a shout! As soon as it’s back on the market I’ll add a link…

Firstly, the kitchen. A very grubby, badly damaged kitchen that (with a lot of elbow grease, a big sander and some chemicals!) turned into a gorgeous space worthy of a chef!

The lounge was empty and dull – sofas and a dining table define the areas without reducing the perception of space, and create a stylish, attractive living room.

The bedrooms were again empty, showing off the dirty carpet and badly marked ceiling. I replaced the carpet, repainted with modern colours and furnished with lovely accessories to create fresh, calm, relaxing bedrooms.

The study area has no windows, and was very dark and crowded with a large fitted desk, exposed electrics and missing skirting boards. We boxed in the electrics and water pipe, put in a smaller freestanding desk and lightened the paint colour to create a versatile, inviting space.

The bathroom was horrible – really dirty, with exposed toilet waste pipes and a badly-painted dark maroon stripe. Now it’s bright white and sparkly, with a touch of trendy red to add some interest. Much much better!

And finally, the outside terrace. Formerly covered with rubbish, cigarette ends and dirt; now a clean and useable space for sitting out in the sunshine. Not every town centre flat has this so it needed to be emphasised in a positive way!

It was really lovely to take an empty shell and turn it into a beautiful, desirable apartment. I have no doubt it’ll be snapped up very quickly now – congratulations to the owner for making the effort to improve the chances of a sale. I’m sure he’ll be well rewarded!