Back in July, I was asked by the lovely Colleen at top London estate agency Northfields to write a guest blog. Colleen gave me the title “Top 5 things under £50 to improve your sale potential” and my post was so well received, she asked me if I could write a sequel.

If you’ve not seen part 1, here’s the link to my post on the Northfields blog.

When I was writing the sequel, I ummed and ahhed for ages about tip number 5. It’s one of my best secrets you see, and I wan’t sure if I wanted to give it away! But I was in a happy mood so I detailed my best low-cost staging secret to help you get your houses sold. Eeek!

Here is the link: “5 more things under £50 that really will help you sell your property”

Let me know if you go on to use any of my tips, I’d love to know how they work for you!

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