This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of how *not* to use the ‘Key Features’ part of your property listing on Rightmove.

“What’s wrong with it?” you say?

  1. The top ‘feature’ is something that no-one really cares about when they’re looking for a house. EPC rating of B or above on your must-have list, anyone?! And if they do care, they probably only care enough for it to be the 10th bullet point, after more interesting things like which way the garden faces or whether it’s got an en-suite. The top bullet point is the prime spot and should be the absolute best benefit of the house!
  2. The bottom bullet is “Viewing Recommended.” You don’t say! Really? You recommend I view the house?!! Please, just don’t use stupid things like this as a ‘feature’. It’s a waste of valuable marketing space. Better would be to use the last bullet point to invite people to read on – to the description, the floorplan, the brochure…
  3. There are just too many bullets! ‘Key Features’ are supposed to be the top 4 or 5 things that really make this house stand out against all the others. A place to list the reasons why buyers might love this house! Listing 10 things reduces the impact of each item and most people won’t read them all. Keep it short and you’ve got more chance people will read them all.


Stop shouting!

Stop shouting!

This is a better use of the ‘Key Features’ section, but I really don’t like the shouty capital letters. It’s important to note that people with dyslexia find text written all in capital letters harder to read than lower case, plus I just find it a bit rude to shout at your buyers. Unless you’re ‘Death’ of course, and then it’s just funny – tweet me @AnnaSellsHouses if you get that reference!!!

What’s better about this one?

  • It’s giving more detailed information – number of bedrooms with ensuites, the fact that the living area is open plan
  • It’s highlighting some real features that could be make or break for some buyers – the existence of a lift and a pool


Still a couple too many bullet points for my liking, but it’s getting there.

Still not perfect, but better!

Still not perfect, but better!

Now for my final specimen. It’s still not perfect, again with a couple too many bullet points, but it’s not shouting and it is bringing out the extra information.

  • Four double bedrooms
  • Ample off-road parking


I would probably join the parking & garage points together to save a bullet, and inject a bit of life into the wording, talking about benefits as opposed to just features, but it’s getting there. What do you think?

Off you go and have a little look at your own ‘Key Features’ bullet points. Are they the best the can be???

Have you seen any ‘Key Features’ recently that have prompted a reaction, either bad or good? I’d love to see them if you have! Send your links and comments to and I might just re-publish this blog with your case study on it!