It is true that the housing market gets a bit quieter in December, as lots of people take a break from house-hunting with Christmas, or more generally the holidays, on their minds.

So what does that mean for you sellers?

Well I think it gives you two options.

  1. Stay on the market to catch the eye of potentially great buyers – those actively looking at Christmas-time are likely to be serious about buying
  2. Give it a rest and come off the market for a month or so, re-launching with a bang in the New Year


What you choose to do may depend on how things have been going with your sale so far, how much interest you’ve had recently, the advice of your estate agent, whether your house will be available for viewings in December, or generally how you feel about it all.

But can I suggest that there might be another factor that might influence your choice: your Christmas decorating style?!


The decorations here are beautiful – simple and in keeping with the decor. Source:

I’m serious – if you’re staying actively on the market then you’ll need to be ready for viewings at a moment’s notice, and this means not going over-board with your Christmas decorating. You can’t allow Christmas to over-shadow your house and the space you’re trying to sell, so keep it simple and tasteful like the picture on the left.

Stick to colours that complement your existing colour scheme so they don’t shout at viewers, distracting them, and just use a few simple items to create a quiet suggestion of Christmas rather than a ‘Santa’s grotto’.

A lovely welcome. Source:

A lovely welcome.




But if these images just aren’t your idea of Christmas decorating and you subscribe to the ‘more is more’ style, then you might be better off taking a break from the market, to allow you to truly enjoy your home the way you want it to be at Christmas, without potentially jeopardising your sale.

If you want to decorate in the manner of the next two photos, then think about coming off the market until January. Christmas should be fun and your home should be decorated entirely the way you want it to be, but don’t try and force the ‘for sale’ version of your house to fit with the Christmas version if they naturally don’t go together.

What a lot of lights! Source: httpwww.ivillage.comover-top-christmas-light-displays7-b-307484

What a lot of lights! Source: httpwww.ivillage.comover-top-christmas-light-displays7-b-307484

Christmas heaven! Source:

Christmas heaven! Source: