This week’s theme is to be read out in an aghast voice: “Really??? You think *this* photo is going to help sell the house?!!!”

First up: a hallway. With very dark doors, what I think is a carpet that looks like it’s absorbed at least 74 years of dirt, and some unattractive flash reflection. All in all, it’s quite possibly the most pointless estate agency photo I’ve ever come across. Do you look at this photo and think “Oh wow! It has a dreary grubby hallway! I MUST have this house!” No? Me neither. I really struggle to understand the inclusion of photos like this – could the estate agent find nothing else that was worth photographing more than this? It doesn’t really look good for the house, does it.

Did the rest of the flooring run away?

Next up, a photo that raises many questions. Firstly: does the vendor really think that huge damp patch won’t be an issue with potential buyers? Second: where has the rest of the flooring gone? And thirdly: WHY exactly did the estate agent think it was a good idea to take a photo OF the damp patch?!! There are so many other angles they could have taken the photo from! Why choose this one? Unless of course the other angles show even more horrors… Job 1: ring the damp specialists and Get It Sorted Before You Sell (that’s my new motto by the way, like it?!) Job 2: either get rid of the underlay, or finish the rest of the flooring. One or the other; half-and-half is only for American coffee. Job 3: Change your agent and re-photograph!

I can’t write any more, I’ve got all ranty. These poor houses, don’t do this to them!