This week’s photos all come from one house, submitted by @sarahpixy on Twitter. I decided that the house was worth devoting an entire week of Shocking Shots, it’s that dreadful, so thanks Sarah!

Photo 1 is the one that disturbs me most. WHAT is that sitting in the chair?!!! And why, oh why, is it there? I can understand people thinking (mistakenly) that some of their personal belongings are cute, kitsch, stylish, collectable, impressive etc etc and leaving them on show. But a really odd creepy puppet-thing?!!! Are you kidding?!!!

Dark, dingy, cluttered, frilly...

Now for the kitchen. Where to start…it’s dark. It’s dingy. There are frilly pink curtains – there should *never* be frilly pink curtains. You can’t see the worktops for all the stuff that’s on them. You have to move the bin every time you want to open the washing machine. Is that a camping stove where the hob should be? Perhaps that explains the TWO microwaves?!! I can’t look any more, it’s hurting my eyes. No really, I can’t actually see the features of the kitchen that would be left should the owners ever actually find someone willing to take it off their hands. Would this photo make you want to view it?

Bricks and tassles with your dinner?

Last photo is of the dining area. Is that brick-effect wallpaper? It’s horrible! And the fussy chairs have two completely different accessories – one has a coat on the back of it, and the others have these delightful little tassled seat drape thingies…I don’t even know what you’re supposed to call those!! What are they for?!!

Ick, I can’t look at it any more, I can’t even bring myself to go upstairs in this house. Thanks Sarah for quite possibly one of the most comprehensively dreadful listings I’ve ever seen!