This week’s theme: Things That Just Do Not Belong In Agency Photographs.

Number one: Do Not Use tape! What kind of message is that sending the potential buyer? Beware, this bathroom might erupt at any second, watch your shoes?!! You don’t really have to be versed in subliminal messaging at all to figure out that using the words “Do Not” in an advert where you’re trying to sell something is not a good idea.


Devil Cat!

Number two: an inquisitive cat with scary eyes!! Now I love cats, but there are an awful lot of people out there who can’t stand them. They’re immediately going to be put off the photo and probably the house, especially if they’re allergic and start thinking about how this house might make them sneeze their way into next week. Pets of all types should be absent from photos and from the house itself for viewings, as should any pet accessories. And get rid of the smells! You won’t notice them, but non-pet-people certainly will, and it won’t help you sell.

And finally number three: Quirky Stuffed Things. In your home, these are fine – they’re memories, a bit of fun, whimsical items that make you smile. But in agency listings and on viewings, they’re distracting the buyer. The buyer is too busy looking at your stuffed toys and isn’t looking properly at the room. Give them half a chance – remove almost all of your personal belongings from view, leaving the room to sell itself. In a child’s bedroom, some stuffed toys are to be expected, but keep them in single figures please!!

Too many toys on the sofa...

Can you spot the bear feet?!
Cute bears, but they’re not helping you sell
It that a real dog?!!!
Winnie The Pooh just doesn’t match this room!
Quirky stuffed things aplenty…