One evening this week I drove up to Manchester to meet up with various people I’ve been talking to over the past few months on Twitter – it was a ‘tweet-up’; the first I’ve been to, but certainly not the last. It was so good to put actual live faces to Twitter profile pictures, and even better to see the faces behind the logo avatars! People who had been only digital acquaintances now have a much greater chance of becoming my colleagues and friends and I theirs, all through meeting up in person.

It got me thinking – if people are so much better in person, isn’t the same true about houses?

I think it is – except of course for those houses where misleading photos are used on Rightmove and the feeling on entering the house is disappointment, but that’s another blog topic altogether.


Anna Hart

My current pic…

Is this more 'me'?!

Is this more ‘me’?!

So that brings me to the subject of photos. On Twitter and on Rightmove, photos serve to give people an idea of what to expect. A couple of people have commented that the profile photo I’m using at the moment isn’t representative of the real me, and last night one of the tweet-up chaps said I’m totally different in person and I need a new photo that shows what I’m really like.

I think I agree. So watch out for that, but let’s bring this ramble back onto the topic of selling houses.

Let’s agree that you’ve got to get someone into your house for them to want it enough to buy it.

Houses, like people, are better in person. How do we get buyers into our houses then? Well these days we know that over 95% of property searches begin online, so it’s all down to your internet listing and most importantly, your photos. Have a look at your listing photos and ask yourself these questions:

In the top pic, this room screams 'work'. A quick re-style and it's more of a whisper :)

In the top pic, this room screams ‘work’. A quick re-style and it’s more of a whisper :)

  • Are they really representative of what you’re selling, i.e. the space?
  • Do they show the great features & benefits that make your house a better buy?
  • Are they attractive and inviting?
  • Do they create a sense of desire?


Have a look at your listing photos and if the answer is no to any of the above questions (be honest!) then you are probably missing out on lots of opportunities to turn Rightmove surfers into actual potential buyers.

Many estate agents struggle when it comes to photographing in less-than-ideal conditions, so small or awkward rooms and dark or very bright days can cause problems.

My advice is not to compromise when it comes to your photography – along with your price it’s one of the two most important factors when it comes to the success of your sale.

How do you get great listing photos you ask?!

How lovely does this look?!

How lovely does this look?!

Here is the recipe:

  • Packing & Preparation
  • Staging & Styling
  • Professional Photographer


Simples! It does take thought, effort and time, but the happy news is that none of it is rocket science and most of it is available right here on my blog. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in – meet those buyers in person and knock their socks off with your fabulously presented house!

Happy selling :)