This is a question that I don’t actually get asked very often, but I do see it in lots of people’s eyes or hear it in their silences when I’m talking to them about the presentation of their house for sale.

The main reason you should use a Stylist, i.e. me:

I don’t live in your house.

This means I can see things the same way a potential buyer would:

  • for the first time, with none of the extra experience that comes with having lived there for years
  • with absolutely no personal attachment to any of the decor or items inside that house
  • trying to imagine how I could use the rooms to suit my own particular lifestyle


Believe it or not, this is actually a double bedroom.

Believe it or not, this is actually a double bedroom.

You’ve lived in your house for a number of years I imagine, which means that you see things in a very particular way which has evolved throughout the time that you’ve spent there. You know the house so well, it’s become a part of you.

You might be used to the fact that there’s a knack to closing the front door properly, that you have to avoid the third stair from the top or you may fall through, and you know that the living room is jam-packed with furniture at the moment only because you’re storing some of it for a friend.

But buyers don’t know all of this, and what’s more, they don’t want to know.

It’s our job to show them a house without issues or booby-traps, so they can concentrate on the serious business at hand – imagining themselves living there.

After styling, it's much easier to imagine the office as a bedroom

After styling, it’s much easier to imagine the office as a bedroom, or for any other purpose. ‘Office’ isn’t stamped on it quite so loudly!

I can look at your house see the questions that buyers will be asking, and I know how to present each and every room in the right way to answer those questions as favourably as possible.

The presentation of your house after it’s been styled probably won’t work for your current lifestyle in every way, but you’re not the important one right now. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but if you really want to sell your house and move on to whatever new home you’re dreaming of, then it’s time to make some short-term sacrifices.

Get some objective, expert eyes in to style your house for photography and you’ll be amazed at how many more buyers will request a viewing.

And more viewings = better chance of a sale!